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Provigil 200 mg is known as a smart pill that can help us in enhancing our active energy and work enthusiasm. This smart pill is actually the first brand edition of Modafinil that is considered as the king of smart pills. Using smart pill is in fashion now. Nowadays, we have to go through lots of issues like depression, anxiety, fatigue issue etc which can decrease our active energy. Provigil though cannot cure any of those, yet it can help us to stay active even with those issues. As it is the first brand of Modafinil, people have trust in it. Provigil 200 mg is easily available in the market. If you want to get it at an affordable price, order Provigil online.


Active ingredient: Modafinil

Inactive ingredients: croscarmellose sodium, povidone, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and pregelatinized starch

History of Provigil: The first brand version of Modafinil

Provigil is a smart pill that helps us to stay active and awake. Before knowing the history of Provigil, we have to get the idea of the history of smart drugs. Our ancestors had used the parts of trees, herbs, tea etc to stay active to work for a long period. So, we can consider those natural things as the smart drugs of the ancient period. With the development of science and technology, now we get our synthetic smart drug which first came to us in 1960 with the name Piracetam.

Before becoming the first brand version of Modafinil, Provigil had to pass through a long road. In the year of 1970, the Lafon Laboratories had developed a smart drug and named it as Adrafinil. After testing it, the researchers noticed that it took a long time to show the effect. It happened because the Adrafinil had to metabolize itself to a new substance that is Modafinil. So, the researchers again developed a new smart drug as Modafinil which can make a quick effect on us as it does not have to metabolize itself to another substance. In 1998, FDA also approved it as the first smart pill and Provigil is the first brand version of this Modafinil. Now, you can find Provigil 200 mg easily in the market. You can buy Provigil online also so that you can get it at an affordable price.

Usage of Provigil

Prescription use of Provigil

  • There is a sleep disorder in which the patients become unable to sleep at night which makes them feel sleepy during the working hours of the day and it is known as narcolepsy. Though Provigil is unable to treat this issue, yet, it can make you stay active even with this problem.
  • If you are shift worker and have to work in the unusual working hours, you may have to face the shift work sleep disorder issue. By taking Provigil 200 mg before starting can make you stay active during working hours.
  • Sleep apnea happens because of the breathing issue that can make you stay awake at night and for which you may fill sleep in the daytime. If you take Provigil 200 mg in the morning, you may able to stay awake and active in the day even with this issue.

Off-label use

  • Provigil can be an effective solution to the fatigue-related issues though it is not proved till now.
  • ADD/ADHD is an attention deficit disorder. Provigil 200 mg is the brand version of Modafinil for which it can decrease the symptoms of ADD/ADHD issue. The researchers are still studying on this topic.
  • Modafinil, which is the key ingredient of Provigil, is known as a very effective cognitive enhancer that can enhance the cognitive function by boosting up memory and concentration. So, enhancing the cognitive power is also an off-label use of Provigil 200 mg. As a cognitive enhancer it can upgrade your concentration level, then improves the learning ability and productivity and also boosts up memory, focus, and alertness.

These are the as whole effects of Provigil which it offers to the users as a smart pill. To enjoy the amazing effects of Provigil, you can buy Provigil online also.

How Provigil makes the effect

As a smart pill, we all know that Provigil is very effective. Smart pills are used to enhance our active energy yet the smart pills way of making an effect is not clearly known. According to the assumption of the experts, to keep us active, smart drugs create an effect on the neurons of the brain. As a smart pill, Provigil follows the same way of making an effect.

Provigil is the first brand version of Modafinil for which we have no doubt on its effects. To enhance our activeness, Provigil 200 mg makes an effect on the neurons by lifting up the level of hypothalamic histamine. It also keeps us awake by inhibiting the dopamine transmitters’ movement which controls the sleep cycle of our body. It keeps us active by controlling the movement of the dopamines. By following this mechanism, Provigil makes us not only active but smarter than before also. Buy Provigil online to enjoy the amazing effect of this smart pill at an affordable price.

Provigil dosage

Taking medicine with the proper dosage can help you in enjoying its effects properly without any issue. The medicine may make the adverse effect if it is not taken with proper dosage. Take Provigil dosage properly if you want to stay active by taking it. Provigil 200 mg dosage is recommended for those who are suffering from the issue of narcolepsy and they have to take it in the morning time. Provigil 200 mg dosage in the morning is recommended for the patients with sleep apnea also. The shift work sleep disorder patients should also take Provigil 200 mg dosage, but they should take it before starting the work shift. Provigil dosage is available in 400 mg also which should not be taken daily. The best way to take Provigil dosage is to take it with the doctor’s advice.

Provigil side effects

We all are familiar with the fact that some medicines can make adverse effects on some persons. Provigil also can create side effects if your body is unable to adjust with the medicine. So, to avoid this, it is best to use Provigil by consulting with a doctor.

You should immediately seek the medical help if you have to suffer from an allergic reaction like a swell in the face lips or in the tongue, hives, breathing issue after taking Provigil 200 mg.

Skin reaction is also seen as a side effect of Provigil which should be immediately reported to the doctor. If you see any of the reaction mentions below, seek medical help immediately,

  • Blisters, peeling or hives which are skin problems.
  • Swelling or sores in the mouth which is painful.
  • Short breathing issue and fever
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Dark urine
  • The issue of jaundice etc
  • Skip using Provigil 200 mg when you have to face the effects which are discussed below;

The patient with psychological issues like depression, suicidal tendency, hyper activeness, unusual thoughts, hallucination, aggression etc

Common side effects of Provigil 200 mg include

  • You may have to suffer from a headache
  • Dizziness is also a common side-effect of Provigil
  • Anxiety or nervous feeling also you have to face after taking Provigil
  • Back pain is another side effect of Provigil
  • You may have to suffer from Stomach issues like nausea and diarrhea also
  • If you take Provigil dosage more than recommended, then, you may have to go through the problem of insomnia.
  • After taking Provigil, you may have to suffer from the issue of the stuffy nose also.

Provigil uses

  • To stay active, you should take the Provigil dosage in the starting of the day that you can take with or without food.
  • Drinking water is recommended with this smart pill as it is the brand version of Modafinil which can make you dehydrated.
  • Provigil 200 mg is not suitable for patients with liver and kidney disease.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption when you are using it as your smart pill.
  • When you are using Provigil 200 mg as your smart pill, avoid taking other smart pills.
  • Provigil is not for the people whose age is less than 17 years.
  • Use Provigil under the doctor’s observation is the best way to take this smart pill.

Is Provigil a controlled substance?

Is Provigil is a controlled substance? Yes, Provigil is a controlled substance as its generic version Modafinil is under the schedule IV drugs. The schedule IV drugs can be used medically but they also have the chances to be abused. So, the government makes a rule to use these drugs, including Provigil 200 mg under the observation of a doctor. Use this drug in the proper way. Excessive use of Provigil can make you suffer from various serious issues. So, it is considered a controlled substance.

This is all about the smart pill Provigil and its effects. It is very effective as a smart pill that keeps us active and makes us smarter. Buy Provigil online so that you can get this amazing smart pill at an affordable price.