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Pain sensation is not liked and preferred by anyone. The pain at times can become so severe in people that the person suffering from ache is not able to function properly. We all live in a world that is totally competitive. To succeed well and to meet all our goals it is very important to lead an active life. However, with pain, this can become a little difficult to achieve. So the use of the right pain medication is very important. The use of soma pill is been prescribed by the doctor that effective treats this unwanted sensation in the body. The key compound that is used in the making of the medicine is carisoprodol that works as a muscle relaxer. The medicine is in the market for a long time now. So over the years, the pill has gained a lot of popularity among the users. So buy soma pill online and get the benefit of home delivery.

Let's have a look at carisoprodol

The active compound of the soma pill is carisoprodol that is being marketed under the same of soma pill. This is being in the market since the year 1959. The medicine acts centrally thus relaxing the muscle of the body. The soma pill belongs to the group of a drug called as the carbamate that is known to have to produce effects that are close to that of the barbiturates. The soma pill is a prodrug which is structurally very much similar to that of the meprobamate.   In the United States, the carisoprodol belongs to the scheduled IV controlled substance that is under the controlled substances act. This is done in the year 1970. Soma pill is basically found in two variations that are very effective in treating people with pain. They are:-

  • Soma pill 350mg
  • Soma pill 500mg

Both of the medication has the same ingredient and works in the same way. So both the medicines have the same effect in the person taking the pill. Just the amount of carisoprodol differs in both the dosages. One of the medicine contains 350mg of carisoprodol while the other medicine contains 500mg of carisoprodol.

Ingredients of soma pill
As mentioned above the active ingredient of the soma pill is carisoprodol. Other then this it also contains other compounds such as the magnesium state, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, starch, and FD & C Yellow. It also has the presence of hypromellose. 

The reason for prescribing this medicine
The carisoprodol that is the key ingredient of the medicine is very efficient in the treatment of acute pain in the people. It acts as a muscle relaxer that can provide a lot of comfort to the people taking the medicine with the right rest and physical therapy. The use of soma pill can also be done to relax the muscle and pain that is caused by the strain, sprain and another kind of muscle injury. It is also very effective in treating pain that is caused due to overuse of the muscle. Doctors may time have prescribed soma bill to people who are suffering from certain medical issues that are causing them pain.

Uses of soma pill
The use of soma pill has been used in the different section of the medical field. The main causes of that pain are multiple sclerosis, injury, infection, muscle strain, sprain etc. all such pain that is caused by these factors can be treated by using soma pill. The use of soma pill can also be used to cure the pain that is occurred from arthritis. The analgesic effect of the medicine is responsible for curing the pain in the body of the people. The anxiolytic effect of soma pill affects the anxiety of the person.

The formulation of the medicine is such that the carisoprodol has a rapid action. The action of the soma pill takes about thirty minutes to start working in the body after being taken in orally. The effect of the soma pill lasts for about 7 hours in people. However, the effect of the pill may vary in people depending on the metabolism of the person. The soma pill is a muscle relaxer that gets metabolized by the liver. This action of the medicine is aided by the presence of the enzyme that is known as the cytochrome. Like any other medication, the process of excretion is through the kidney. The half-life of the medicine is long, therefore, the action of the soma pill also last longer. Eight hour is the normal half-life of the medicine which may differ from people to people. In the liver, the carisoprodol is broken down and is metabolized to meprobamate. This metabolite is known to have a dependency action in the body of the person. The meprobamate also results in the bioaccumulation that shows an extended period from taking carisoprodol administration.

Drug interaction with soma pill
The interaction of drug that is commonly seen in people taking the medicine is antibiotics. They are medicines that are prescribed by doctors that will help you treat bacterial infections in people. The other medicines that should be carefully taken while taking soma pill are antifungal medication such as the ketoconazole. The medicine should not be changed without consulting the doctor.
The other medicines that should not be taken with soma pill are antidepressant, seizure medicines and pills that treat flu and cold in people.

Side effects of soma pill
The common side effects of taking soma pill are as follows-

  • People at times can face vomiting and sweating after taking of soma pill
  • Patients who are suffering from heart condition may have a faster heartbeat thus resulting in palpitation after taking soma pill.
  • It is very important to take the medicine in the dosage that is prescribed to you. As taking a dose higher than the advised dosage will cause a side effect in the person. One of the common effects that are seen in people taking soma pill more than the advised dose is a blurry vision. This is due to the fact that the optic nerve of the person gets affected by higher medicine dosage.
  • Agitation is a condition in which a person gets excited. Thus soma pill should be taken into consideration.
  • Many time soma pill also causes stomach upset in the person.
  • Other side effects of the soma pill are a headache and nausea.
  • People who are prone to allergic reactions should take the medicine only after having a test. As the allergic reaction can cause a rash in the people. Therefore taking the medicine without consulting the doctor is not advisable.
  • The action of the medicine in lactating women is not clearly known. It is seen that around eight percent of the drug is present in the milk of the total amount that is present in the body. Therefore taking medicine during the lactating period is not advisable.
  • In pregnant women, the carisoprodol can cross the barrier and reach the infant. In many types of research that are done in animals it is seen that the child of the mother that are fed with carisoprodol are born defective. Therefore taking the medicine during such condition is not preferred.

Additional information of soma pill

  • The taking of the soma pill should be done in a limited amount. as taking the medicine more than three weeks continuously can make the person dependent on the medicine.
  • The medicine can be taken multiple times in day.
  • The action of the soma pill lasts for about eight hours in a day.
  • Taking of alcoholic drinks with soma pill is not considered as a good practice.
  • Storing of the pill in the right place will help you have a better shelf life of the medicine.
  • On noticing any side effect after taking the soma pill should not be taken lightly. Taking the patient to a doctor is such condition is important.