Shipping Policy

Online Pills Store delivers you your product directly from the warehouse so no shipping charges are being charged by us. You only need to reward the amount of your order that you have ordered.You can purchase all our products at a free of cost. Cash on delivery is also available for all our United States and for the other countries card payment is available. Visa,Mastercard, Discovery etc are being accepted by Online Pills Store. As soon as you make your order you will receive an email from us. Soon after that you will receive a verification call from us in order to confirm your order. Your order will be shipped almost within 8-10hrs after your order confirmation. Online Pills Store doesnot deliver you the product on Saturday and Sunday. You can also track your order and stay updated about your product provided by us after your product is been shipped.The product of Online Pills Store are shipped through UPS or USPS. The services provided by us to our customers are the best and our customers are impressed from our services. Even though you have any query regarding your order you can simply mail us at [email protected] .At the time of delivery if you find any issue regarding the packaging product or you donot find it at a good condition or you courier is damaged you can simply refuse it before accepting the product and let us know immediately at [email protected] .We assure you that your query will be solved within a short period of time. Online Pills Store delivers all the USA customers accept Alaska and Ohio. The order processes at Online Pills Store are :

  • After placing the order you will receive an email immediately.
  • Soon after that tele-verification processes is done within 5-6hours
  • After the process of tele-verification your order will be placed within 2-4hours.
  • You will be provided the tracking number of your order through which you can track your order.
  • Your order will be delivered to you within 8-10hours.
  • Online Pills Store provides you with an opportunity of free shipping and cash of delivery.

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