A Comprehensive Guide for Modafinil Anxiety

A Comprehensive Guide for Modafinil Anxiety

Modafinil and Anxiety have a strong correlation between them, forming a lot of queries among people. Anxiety is a rare side effect of Modafinil experienced by only 5% of people.

Initially, Modafinil was created to treat various sleep disorders. However, Modafinil is now known to have positive effects on mood, and research has revealed that the drug may be beneficial to people with conditions like anxiety. So is it true? Let’s find out the answer in this blog.

Modafinil: An Overview

Modafinil is a novel wake-promoting agent that helps in the treatment of several disorders like Narcolepsy, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and other Shift Work Disorders. It is a Schedule IV controlled substance. Modafinil was originally developed in 1970 by French Neuro Chemists- Michel Jouvet and L.Lafon Laboratories.

The use of this Medication has been approved by the USA in the year 1998. It comes under the brand name “Modvigil.”

Uses And Benefits Of Modafinil

The Medication Modafinil was developed to treat Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea, and other Shift Work Disorders. But it is also widely used as an off-license smart drug to promote Cognitive Enhancement. Qualities such as concentration and Alertness are also desired to assist someone, for instance, in Exam Preparation. [1].

With time, the Use of Modafinil as a smart drug is increasing. The benefits of Modafinil also include treatment for ADHD, Fatigue, Weight loss, depression, etc. 

Modafinil And Anxiety: Understanding The Basics

Anxiety is a situation in which way our body responds to stress. A mild level of anxiety might be beneficial in some situations as it helps us to remain alert and helps us to prepare, and pay attention. They are the most common form of Mental Disorders [2].

Some symptoms that help us identify Anxiety Disorder are restlessness, dizziness, fatigue, shallow breathing, jitteriness, etc.

Modafinil And Anxiety is the most debatable topic around. 

Modafinil’s (Modvigil) effects on Mood may differ from patient to patient. It sometimes might act as a reliever of anxiety while can also result in causing anxiety in others.

Modafinil Anxiety: Analytical View

Certain possible theories are laid down for the proper explanation of Modafinil-induced Anxiety Disorder. 

Over Stimulation

 Stimulants, in general, like caffeine in coffee and theobromine in Chocolate, can cause anxiety symptoms in people. Some of the stimulants like Amphetamines or Addreal can cause a severe increase in the risk of anxiety attacks.

How Does Modafinil Induce Anxiety?


The Wakefulness promoting effect of Modafinil is by working on the Central Nervous system. Its ability to secrete certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, glutamate, and serotonin can result in overactivation, causing anxiety symptoms. 

Alteration Of Brain Frequencies

Modafinil use can also alter and affect the frequencies of the brain in the following ways- 

  • Delta waves of the brain- They are measured at 0.5 Hz to 4 Hz when a person is in a deep sleep. 

  • Theta waves- They range between 4 to 7 Hz and are linked with Rem Sleep. Alpha Waves are termed as an Ideal State for Working. 

  • Beta Waves- These are known for causing symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, Paranoia, and arousal. They range between 12.5 to 40Hz.

The anxiety symptoms of Modafinil are caused due to beta range.

Does Modafinil Reduce Anxiety?

There are no proper reports that make it clear about the use of Modafinil for reducing Anxiety. 

However, most people often say that Modafinil (Modvigil) keeps them focused, calm, and confident in social situations. It is not prescribed off-label for treating Anxiety. 

However, Modvigil is often prescribed off-label for social anxiety or performance anxiety in people who do not respond well to their first-line of treatment. 

On the other hand, some people who consume Modvigil say that it causes anxiety or worsens anxiety symptoms. This is mainly due to the fact that all medicines interact differently in people. 

So, if you are suffering from anxiety and have not experienced complete relief from your prescribed medications, we advise taking Modafinil or Modvigil as your adjacent treatment option. 

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How To Reduce Anxiety From Modafinil?

If you experience Modafinil Anxiety, here are a few ways that might help you in reducing and improving the condition.

1.  Exercise Daily- 

As the famous saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Exercising or playing always keeps our body and mind active, resulting in reduced stress and Anxiety.

Exercising for 10-15 minutes every day might help you release hormones like serotonin and endorphin in the body helping in the improvement of Mental Health and lowering signs of Anxiety. If you take Modafinil before exercise, it helps you to do your workout better.

2. Lowering the Dose-

One should always consume the recommended Dosages. However, it is considered one of the best ways to prevent or cure Anxiety induced by Modafinil, as stated by the FDA.

3. Meditation-

Whenever we see a threat, our body stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System and gives us the rush to function. This circumstance results in Anxiety. Thus Meditation helps in relaxing and calming the SNS system.

Meditating daily for 1 hour can result in relaxation of the mind and body, therefore, calming our mind and body and resulting in reduced Anxiety.

5. Sedatives- 

Many Health Care Providers prescribe Sedatives such as Aprobarbital and Amobarbital. However, these are not approved by the FDA.

6. Therapy- 

 There are many therapy sessions that occur Online as well as offline. You can attend Online Therapy Sessions or can join Group Therapy Sessions or also can Consult therapists based on your preference.

Preventive Measures For Modafinil Anxiety

Honestly, there is no proven method for avoiding the experience of taking this Nootropic. However, there are a few factors that can be taken into consideration while purchasing Modafinil to lower the risk of experiencing Anxiety. 

  • The Standard recommended dose for Modafinil is 200mg. Beginners should always start with a lower dose.

  • You should avoid overdosing on the drug.

  • You must always reduce your caffeine intake.

  • You should consult your doctor before taking this medicine. People having mental disorders should avoid this medication.

  • You should mix the medicine with any other drug. This might lead to certain Drug Interactions.


Modafinil can be an excellent tool for boosting productivity and work performance. 

Based on our research, we can conclude by saying that Modafinil does reduce anxiety in some, whereas, in other people, it can cause anxiety or worsen its symptoms. Therefore this Nootropic should be taken under the proper guidance from a physician.


Modvigil is not usually prescribed for off-label use for Anxiety. However, most people say that it helps them to stay focused, calm, and confident in stressful or social situations.

Modafinil might have general mood-elevating effects accompanied by an increase in negative effects.

Yes, the Consumption of Modafinil can help people with Stress.

Modafinil is a stimulating agent that affects the mind causing feelings of Alertness, perception, and enhanced thinking.

Studies revealed that only 5% of people experience Anxiety Disorder on consumption of Modafinil.


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