Smart pill Provigil: A guide to know the brain booster

Provigil as a brain booster

Provigil as a brain booster

As a smart drug, Provigil is very effective that helps us to stay awake and active. This smart drug is the first brand of Modafinil and so it is very effective as a brain booster also. This nootropic can boost up our cognitive functions by stimulating the neurons in the brain. As a nootropic, smart drug Provigil cannot make you super brilliant in one night. But it can help you by improving your cognitive functions like memory, attention, concentration, etc. Along with that, smart drug Provigil also can enhance our focus so that we can stay motivated towards our goal. To make us smarter than before, this smart drug also improves our mood and helps us to stay away from issues like depression, anxiety, etc.

Ingredients of smart drug Provigil

Active ingredient: Modafinil

Inactive ingredients: croscarmellose sodium, povidone, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and pregelatinized starch.

How was Provigil formed?

Smart pill provigil

Provigil is a smart drug that can help us as an activeness booster, mood enhancer as well as a cognitive enhancer. There is really an interesting story behind the formation of smart drug Provigil. People had started to use smart drugs a long time ago. In those periods, when there was no advance science and technology, people used some herbs like gingko biloba, Gotu Kola, etc. so that they could work for a long period of time. The first synthetic man-made smart drug came to the market as piracetam in 1960.

Then in the first half of the 70s, The Lafon Laboratories made a smart drug Adrafinil. But when it was tested, scientists found that it takes a long time to show its effects. To show its effects, Adrafinil had to metabolize itself to a different component which was Modafinil. So the scientists again developed a new smart drug which was Modafinil. Then it has become a very familiar smart drug because of its effects. In 1998, Modafinil also got the approval of the FDA under the brand name of Provigil. Provigil is actually the first brand of Modafinil. Now, smart drug Provigil is also familiar as a very effective smart drug.

The working mechanism of smart drug Provigil

The working mechanism of smart pill Provigil

The way of making an effect in our body by the medicine is known as its working mechanism. Smart drugs are known for boosting up our active energy as well as mood and brain power. But it is not clearly known how they do it. The experts say that smart drugs, to boost up our active energy and brain functions, stimulate the neurons in the brain. Smart drug Provigil is a very effective active energy enhancer and as a smart drug, it follows the same mechanism of action.

To boost up our brain and active energy, Provigil makes an effect on the neurons. By increasing the levels of hypothalamic histamine, Provigil enhances our active energy. To control the sleep cycle of our body, the smart drug Provigil prevents the movement of dopamine transmitters. By stimulating the neurons in our brain, the Smart drug Provigil also boosts up our brain power. Thus by working as a cognitive enhancer, mood booster as well as activeness booster, the smart drug  Provigil helps us to stay smart and active.

Provigil dosage

Provigil dosage

Medicine can show its effects of healing when you take it with proper dosage. Otherwise either the medicine will unable to treat your issue or it may harm you. When you take a smart drug Provigil to boost up your brain, you have to take it with proper dosage.

As Provigil is a multi-purpose medicine, their dosages are different according to the problem. 200 mg dosage of Provigil is for the patients with narcolepsy which they should take in the morning. Provigil dosage of 200 mg is also recommended for those who want to boost up their brain power by taking this smart pill Provigil. The best way to take Provigil is by taking it with the advice of the doctor.

The doctors recommend Provigil dosage to take in the morning or just before starting work. You should avoid using other smart drugs when you are using smart pill Provigil. Avoid alcohol consumption when you are using Provigil. Don’t use smart drug Provigil if your age is not more than 17 years.

This is all about the smart drug Provigil as a brain booster. Use this smart drug Provigil and become a person with higher intelligence.

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